Florida-born, Los Angeles-based femme outsider artist Jessicka Addams' ( also known as Jessicka) fascination with Goth culture, all things John Waters, Louis Wain, rainbows, ghosts, and cats collide in a disconsonant shower of creative sparks. Each work is carefully archived: grief here, betrayal there, and the loss of the people closest to her. Throughout her exploration of identity, vulnerability, and loss, Jessicka maintains an element of childhood innocence and humor that slightly lightens the heaviness of her melancholy sculptures and paintings.

‪Jessicka‬ is also the founding member and singer of seminal indie rock bands Jack Off Jill, and scarling.

While continuing to create artwork, ‪Jessicka‬ is working on a children’s book and writing an animated feature film.

Current project:
THE GIRL WHO CRIED MILK is a unique, fantastical, psychedelic animated feature film from the limitlessly imaginative mind of outsider artist Jessicka Addams. As the first installment in a series of stories, THE GIRL WHO CRIED MILK is the heartwarming adventure of two lonely outcasts who find the strength deep within themselves to survive and overcome the harrowing journey of remarkable circumstances in order to discover and save what they love and cherish most.

ROUND RED ROOM PODCAST - A monthly podcast from a round red room hosted by Jessicka Addams and friends.